1. Molding and anchoring physically constrained virtual environments to real-world environments.
    Inventors: L. Shapira and D. Freedman.
    US Patent 9,911,232 B2. Patent granted: March, 2018.


  2. Detection of hand gestures using gesture language discrete values.
    Inventors: D. Freedman, K. Karmon, E. Krupka, Y. Engel, and Y. Shapiro.
    US Patent App. 2017/0193288 A1. Patent application published: July, 2017.


  3. Fast general multipath correction in time-of-flight imaging.
    Inventors: D. Freedman, E. Krupka, Y. Smolin, I. Leichter, and M. Schmidt.
    US Patent 9,542,749 B2. Patent granted: January, 2017.


  4. Graphical object appearance-invariant signature.
    Inventors: D. Freedman, P. Kisilev, A. Dubrovina, and R. Bergman.
    US Patent App. 14/921,594. Patent application published: February, 2016.


  5. Graphical object classification.
    Inventors: D. Freedman, P. Kisilev, A. Dubrovina, S. Schein, and R. Bergman.
    US Patent 9,213,463. Patent granted: December, 2015.


  6. Image registration.
    Inventors: R. Banner, O. Barkol, and D. Freedman.
    US Patent 9,088,673. Patent granted: July, 2015.


  7. Determining parameter values based on indications of preference.
    Inventors: P. Kisilev and D. Freedman.
    US Patent 8,903,126. Patent granted: December, 2014.


  8. Segmenting an image.
    Inventors: D. Freedman.
    US Patent 8,478,032. Patent granted: July, 2013.


  9. Transferring colors from a source object to a target object.
    Inventors: D. Freedman and P. Kisilev.
    US Patent 8,494,262. Patent granted: July, 2013.

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